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Fixed : Roku Error Code 014 cannot connect to network

Roku is a digital streaming player manufactured by company Roku. Roku device gets data via Wi-Fi router and passes the data via audio/video cables. This device is connected to television or any video displaying device with appropriate internet connection.

Roku introduces 4 upgraded models on a basic model.

Roku 1 XD/S:

This is the original first generation device which offers video and audio outputs, dual band wireless and a USB port for playing videos, photos and music.

Roku 2 XS:

Roku upgraded the product with some features including Ethernet connection and remote with motion control for playing games.

Roku 3:

Roku updated the device with a CPU which is 5 times faster than Roku 2 XS and a WI-FI direct remote instead of Bluetooth.

Roku 4:

The new Roku 4 device has 4k video streaming capability, remote control finder and updated software and hardware.

Error 014:-

When trying to connect Roku to a WI-FI network, Roku will occasionally  display an error 014 as if the login details are incorrect.

Here are some tips to fix the error:

Solution #1:

  1. Connect your device to a cable modem or to a router using an Ethernet cable
  2. Complete the setup for Ethernet connection in Roku settings
  3. Choose wireless option and select your network
  4. Input your password and connect to the network
  5. If error 014 was due to outdated wireframe, download the latest wireframe.

Solution #2:

Sometimes this error occurs if the unit is not used for some days. In that case remove the power cable wait for 30 seconds and plug it back. Reboot the device and error may be fixed

Solution #3:

Press home button 5 times, fast forward, play, rewind, play, fast forward and choose ‘disable network ping’. Press back until it returns to normal screen. Setup the network again.

Solution #4:

Initially turn on your phone’s WI-FI hotspot and do the entire setup and registration. Reboot the Roku device and switch to home WI-FI.

Solution #5:

If ‘Disable network ping’ option is not available in your Roku box, software needs to be updated.

  1. Connect to another network using Ethernet cable
  2. Run the software update after unlocking the secret screen
  3. After software update, disable network ping
  4. Connect to your original WI-FI network and error seems to be resolved.

Solution #6:

Reset back to factory settings

  1. From the Roku home screen, press up button in the remote to activate menu bar
  2. Select settings->Factory Reset->select yes
  3. Restart your Roku device
  4. Select your correct time zone.
  5. The screen will display a unique code to link your Roku player.
  6. Open browser on your computer and go to link www.Roku.xom/link
  7. Enter the code displayed on the player in TV.
  8. Login to your Roku account and follow all steps. Select payment method and your initial channel lineup. This will complete linking process

Solution #6:

On your Roku remote

  1. Press home button 5 times
  2. Press fast forward button 3 times
  3. Press rewind button 2 times
  4. You will get into secret screen. Check IP address that it doesn’t have all 0’s.
  5. Select software update option. Roku will now restart.

Once Roku completes the setup, do the below in Roku remote

  1. Press home button 5 times
  2. Press fast forward button 1 time
  3. Press play button 1 time
  4. Press rewind button 1 time
  5. Press play button 1 time
  6. Press fast forward button 1 time.

This will take to another screen. Select option to disable network ping. Start Roku from beginning. This will resolve the error 014 and Roku gets connected to the network.

How to Remove Norton Power Eraser

  • Do you want to remove Norton eraser program from your Windows computer ?
  • You can’t find “Uninstall program” option  in Windows control panel?


You can’t install NPE (Norton Power eraser) on your computer. Its just a file which gets run once you click on it. So if you want to get rid of it, just delete the file from your computer hard drive where you saved it.

Note : Norton Power Eraser for Mac now not available to download. I mean Norton not released their software version for Mac.

The 25 Best meme generator apps for iOS & Android

List of best Meme generator apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Best Meme generator apps for iOS ( iPhone & iPad)

Meme generator app

Meme Factory (free) – Best app to view other users meme and create a new one for you. Its provide lot of templates. It allow you to add text, changing text position and size. its also has rating system.

Imgur MemeGen (free) – Imgur is a most famous image hosting service. Its also offer 135,000 templates to create meme.

Meme Maker ($0.99) – It allow you to use photos stored on your iPhone.

Mematic (free)- Put funny captions to pictures or your own photos and create demotivational posters. Create animal styles memes like Bachelor Frog or Philosoraptor.

Meme Design (free) – Best entertainment app. Its have 260 meme templates.

PicMeme (free) –  Another meme generator app for iOS device.

Memefier (free) – Its automatically detect human faces and add funny memes.

Meme creator ($0.99) – create memes using 390 templates and export phots from iOS photo library or email.

Meme generator (Memecrunch) free – Easy to use app. Create, save or share memes.

Mememize ($0.99) – It allow you to keep editing. Rotate, move, zoom or flip memes.

Meme+ Pro (free) – Its also offer meme sounds.

EasyMeme ($1.99) – 400 different meme templates.

Trollolol (free) – Add meme on your face. Adjust position, angle and size.

Meme Studio (free) – change meme font size, position and clor

Rage Maker (free) – 500 Free meme faces and advanced meme creator tools.

iFunny (free) – All in one meme app.You can create demotivational posters, Memes and Range comics.

Best Meme generator apps for Android

Memedroid (In app purchases) – Its allow you to view or make memes. You can comment or rate other users memes.

Best Meme Generator by Memeful (free) – light weight and fast app to create meme in Android devices.

Free Meme generator – Another simple app to make memes.

Meme (9 GAG) –  Best android app to create meme, GIF, Vine videos. Create funny pictures.

Also check the other Android Meme apps like GATM meme generatorMeme CreatorMeme Generator (ZombieDroid) and Meme Generator (Humor y Memes).

Change or Reset Netflix Password [How to Guide]

Change Netflix password via Desktop Browser

  1. Login to your Netflix account and make sure primary account holder’s name is selected in the upper right corner of the screen. If you forget you Netflix password navigate to password reset page and enter the email address for your Netflix account.
  2. Choose the name in the upper right corner, then select “Your Account”.
  3. Choose the “Update email and password” list.
  4. Enter “New Password” and your “Current Password”, then “Confirm New Password”.
  5. Choose “Save”.


How to remove Movies From Netflix “Recently Watched” List

Learn how to clear/ delete movies from Netflix “Recently Watched” list using the following method.

  1. Login to your Netflix account.
  2. Move the mouse over to “Browse” option and select “My List”.
  3. Choose “See all activity” link in “Recently Watched” section or directly navigate to this page.
  4. Each Movies or shows have an X symbol right side. Click the X symbol to delete the movie from “Recently Watched” list.

Block / UnBlock People On Facebook

If you want to unblock someone on FaceBook or block some bad guys? Here’s how to unblock and block people on Facebook.

Desktop Website (Mac or Windows)

Block Someone – Method 1

  1. Go to Profile the person you want to block.
  2. Choose the 3 dots icon next to the “Message” button. Then Select “Block”.

Block People – Method 2

  1. Login your FaceBook account.
  2. Choose the arrow upper right corner and select settings from the drop down.
  3. On the left side panel, select “Blocking”.
  4. In the Block user section, add a “Name” or “email” in search box and click the “Block’ button.

Unblock Someone on FaceBook

If you want to unblock someone on FaceBook you already blocked, just click the “unblock” link next to the name of the person to allow see your profile again.

Popup box will appears. Click the “Confirm” on the dialogue box.

Mobile Webpage

  1. On the upper left portion of the screen, click the Menu icon.
  2. Scroll down and choose “Account Settings”.
  3. Select “Blocking”.
  4. Type a “name” or “email” in search box  and choose the “block” button.

You can also unlock FaceBook users in “Blocked users” section by choosing the “unblock” button next to the person name.

iPhone or iPad (iOS App)

  1. On the low right side of the screen, choose “More” button.
  2. Scroll down and choose “Settings”.
  3. Select “Blocking”.
  4. Search the person using name or email and choose the “Block” button.

Android App 

  1. On the upper right portion of the screen, choose the menu icon.
  2. Scroll down and choose “Account Settings”.
  3. Choose “Blocking”.
  4. Search the person using name or email and choose the “Block” button.

Also you can unblock Facebook users in the “Blocked users” section by clicking the “UnBlock” button next to the person’s name.