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How to Clear Cookies and Cache on PS3

If you face any problems with your Sony PS3 internet browser, deleting cookies and cache is a first solution. many Play station 3 users reported browser problem when downloading updates.

Remove/ Delete PS3 cache and cookies

  1. Choose Network from the XMB menu.
  2. Choose Internet Browser.
  3. Click the Triangle button after internet browser appears.
  4. Choose Tools from the option menu.
  5. Now choose Delete Cache or Delete Cookies.
  6. Finally choose Yes to confirm.

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How to Find MAC Address on Xbox 360

If you want to find your Xbox 360 MAC address, follow my guide and locate it within System menu’s.

  1. Go to System Settings -> Network Settings.
  2. Connect a network which not using MAC address filter (temporary use any network). If you not connect any network MAC address not display.
  3. Now go back into your network and choose “Configure Network”.
  4. Choose the “Additional settings” tab. XBox 360 - Configure Network
  5. Select Advanced Settings, Host Name, Alternate MAC Address.

Xbox 360 advanced settings

6. Your Xbox 360 MAC address will displayed in left side of the screen look like 002234CD56EF

Xbox 360 MAC address

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Do not worry about alternative Xbox 360 wired, wireless MAC address. It just used to connect internet.

2 Ways to Find PS3 MAC Address

If you want to find the MAC Address to the network card on Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), read my guide.

Method 1: –

  1. Choose Settings from the Main menu.
  2. Scroll to bottom and choose “Network Settings”.
  3. Choose “Settings and Connection Status List“.
  4.  It will display your PS3 MAC address. PS3 Mac Address

Method 2:-

  1. Choose Settings from the Main menu.
  2. Choose “System Settings”.
  3. Choose “System Information”.
  4. It will display Sony PlayStation 3 MAC address.

Find and use PS3 wired, wireless, bluetooth MAC address.