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How to Clear Cookies and Cache on PS3

If you face any problems with your Sony PS3 internet browser, deleting cookies and cache is a first solution. many Play station 3 users reported browser problem when downloading updates.

Remove/ Delete PS3 cache and cookies

  1. Choose Network from the XMB menu.
  2. Choose Internet Browser.
  3. Click the Triangle button after internet browser appears.
  4. Choose Tools from the option menu.
  5. Now choose Delete Cache or Delete Cookies.
  6. Finally choose Yes to confirm.

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How to Setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2013

If you want to add Yahoo mail on Outlook 2013 email client, just follow the steps and  setup it via IMAP.

  1. Open Outlook 2013 and go to File -> Info -> Add Account.
  2. Choose Manual setup or additional server types and click Next.
  3. Choose POP or IMAP and click Next.
  4. Fill the following information in the form:
  • Name : First name and last name.
  • Email address (
  • Set account type IMAP.
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Enter your Yahoo password.
  • Tick the check box “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”.

Outlook Yahoo IMAP settings

5. Then click the More Settings button.

6. Choose “Outgoing Server” tab  and tick the check box “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”. Outlook add yahoo account

7. Choose the Advanced tab and fill the following info.

add yYahoo email account in Outlook

8. Click OK.

9. Choose Next.

It will show task completed.  That’s all.

6 Ways to Fix iPhone 6, 5, 4s No Service Problem

After updating iPhone 4S, iPhone 5c and iPhone 6 to latest iOS 8 update lot of users face no service issue on iPhone.

Fix 1 : Downgrade to iOS 8.0.1

This iPad or iPhone no service issue mostly happened after iOS 8 update.  You can downgrade iOS 8.3 to  iOS 8.0.1 using iTunes.

  1. First backup you device using iTunes.
  2. Download iOS 8.0.1 for your iPhone 4 or 5s or 6.
  3. Connect your iPhone to System using USB cable.
  4. Open iTunes app.
  5. On your Mac keyboard, click Option button and press Restore from the iTunes summary panel.
  6. Select the iOS 8.0.1 .ipsw file which is already dowloaded.
  7. Wait until restore process completed.

After your iPhone downgraded, restore files from backup.

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Fix 2: Install iOS 8.0.1 update

If you not update your iPhone to iOS 8, then update your iPhone to iOS 8.0.1.

Fix 3: Avoid iOS upgrade

if you not upgrade your iPhone to iOS 8, then avoid software update. Wait until iOS 9 released.

Fix 4: Restore iPhone

  1. Connect your iPhone to computer.
  2. Launch iTunes and select your iPhone.
  3. From the Summary panel click Restore.

Fix 5 : Reset your iPhone

Press and hold the Home button and Sleep button together until Apple logo appears.

Fix 6: Erase all contents and restore it from backup

  1. First backup your iPhone
  2. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset  and select Erase all content and Settings.

Still you can’t fix no service iPhone problem, create Apple developer account. Download and install latest iOS beta software (It is your own risk).

If you have your own solutions, share your thoughts using comments.

6 Ways to Fix iPhone 5 Stuck on Headphone Mode error

Fix 1: Check Mute & Clean Audio port

iPhone has headphone sensor which is installed in audio port. It detects when headphone is attached.

First check the Mute mode is activated or not ?

  1. If you can view the orange indicator switch in the left side of the Apple iPhone, Mute mode is activated.
  2. Plug the original headphone came with the iPhone.
  3. Plug in and plug out couple of times.

Fix 2: Clean your iPhone 5 audio port

  • Remove iPhone 5 case.
  • Use Dryer like device to clean the iPhone audio port or use wooden tooth pic to clean dust.
  • Then increase the iPhone audio level and check the issue.

iphone audio port

Fix 3: Hard Reset

  1. First backup your device data using iTunes.
  2. Press and hold the Sleep button and Home button together until Apple logo appears.
  3. This will reset your iPhone.

Fix 4: Turn On/Off Bluetooth

  • Try to turn on and off Bluetooth via Settings -> General -> Bluetooth.
  • Then reset your iPhone.

iphone Bluetooth

Fix 5: Remove jammed headphone jack

Sometime this issue might happened bace of the broken headphone jack peace jammed or stuck inside audio port. So try to clean it with Q tip.

Fix 6: Take your iPhone to Apple Store

If you can fix your iPhone 5 headphone error, go to nearest Apple store.

8 Ways to fix iPhone 6 Not connecting to WiFi

Lot of iPhone 6 users complained about Wifi not working issue. If you faced this problem, try our solutions.

Fix 1: Reset network Settings

Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

Note : It will remove WiFi password from your iPhone.

Fix 2: Turn WiFi networking to off

On your iPhone, navigate to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and select System Service.

Your iPhone 6 will restart.

Fix 3: Factory Reset

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset  and select “Erase all content and settings”.
  2. If you have iPhone password, enter it.
  3. Click the Erase iPhone option to approve the reset.

Fix 4: Update your device iOS

  • Install latest version of iOS like iOS 9 or iOS 8.
  • Install iOS 8.0.2 to avoid lot of bugs and issues.

Fix 5: Reset iPhone from iTunes

  1. Connect your Apple iPhone 6 to computer (windows or Mac) using USB cable.
  2. Select your iPhone from iTunes window.
  3. Click Restore button from the Summary tab.
  4. After the process completed your phone will restart.
  5. Follow its instructions and setup your iPhone as a new.

Fix 6: Forget the network and rejoin it again

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap WiFi.
  3. Click info button next to the network (which you are having issue). Also be in network range.
  4. Tap Forget the network.
  5. Then rejoin the network again.

Fix 7 : Adjust Router’s Network settings

  1. Open WiFi router control panel (This process defend on manufacturer).
  2. Change the Network type to Mixed WPA2/WPA -PSK or WPA Personal and Save the changes.
  3. Then reboot WiFi router.
  4. Finally try to connect the network on iPad or iPhone.

Fix 8 : Visit Apple Store

If you can’t solve your iPhone WiFi not working or iPhone not connecting to WiFi issue, check your
Apple device warranty status. Extend your iPhone warranty coverage and take your mobile to Apple store.

Also suggest your own solutions to fix this issue.

Fix Outlook 2013, 2010 : “Use Cached Exchange Mode” Grayed Out

If you can’t enable Use Cached Exchange Mode option in Microsoft Outlook, follow our guide.

Please consider ; This option available for accounts which using Microsoft Exchange. “Use Cached Exchange Mode” option is grayed out if you are only using  POP3 or IMAP Outlook accounts.

This feature also grayed out if you are using Windows Server + Terminal Services installed.

Only Computer administrator can fix this issue.

  1. Press and hold the Windows + R key
  2. Type regedit in Search box and click OK.
  3. Click the + sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, then go to the following.
    Software, Microsoft, Office, 15.0, Outlook, OST
  4. Right click NoOST and select Modify.
  5. Provide the value o.
  6. Now restart the Outlook 2013.

Use Exchange Mode” option now not grayed out.

If you can’t perform this solution, contact your system administrator.

How to Find MAC Address on Xbox 360

If you want to find your Xbox 360 MAC address, follow my guide and locate it within System menu’s.

  1. Go to System Settings -> Network Settings.
  2. Connect a network which not using MAC address filter (temporary use any network). If you not connect any network MAC address not display.
  3. Now go back into your network and choose “Configure Network”.
  4. Choose the “Additional settings” tab. XBox 360 - Configure Network
  5. Select Advanced Settings, Host Name, Alternate MAC Address.

Xbox 360 advanced settings

6. Your Xbox 360 MAC address will displayed in left side of the screen look like 002234CD56EF

Xbox 360 MAC address

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Do not worry about alternative Xbox 360 wired, wireless MAC address. It just used to connect internet.

2 Ways to Find PS3 MAC Address

If you want to find the MAC Address to the network card on Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), read my guide.

Method 1: –

  1. Choose Settings from the Main menu.
  2. Scroll to bottom and choose “Network Settings”.
  3. Choose “Settings and Connection Status List“.
  4.  It will display your PS3 MAC address. PS3 Mac Address

Method 2:-

  1. Choose Settings from the Main menu.
  2. Choose “System Settings”.
  3. Choose “System Information”.
  4. It will display Sony PlayStation 3 MAC address.

Find and use PS3 wired, wireless, bluetooth MAC address.

5 Ways to Fix iMessage and FaceTime not working on iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod

If you face FaceTime not working issue on iPhone 6, 5, 5c, 4s, 4 or iOS 8 these instructions may help you to fix your problem.

FaceTime is a important application in iOS and Mac OS X to make a video calls without using Google hangout or Skype.

But lot of users reported FaceTime or iMessage activation error. They face problem when they turn on or send texts to other iPhone or iPad.

Fix 1: Check your carrier Provider

  • First check your country based carrier provider for iMessage and FaceTime in Apple support page.

Fix 2: Reset network connection

  • Reset network settings via Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset network Settings.

Fix 3 : Disable iMessage or FaceTime

  1. Go to Settings -> message and turn off iMessage and FaceTime.
  2. Then turn on airplane mode (your WiFi automatically turned off). So turn on WiFi and try to send text messages via iMessage or make a call via FaceTime. It will prompt. Enter Apple ID and password details.
  3. Then you will get notification via carrier. Your carrier might change for SMS.
  4. Press OK.

Fix 4: Update your current location

  1. FaceTime: Go to Settings -> FaceTime -> Apple ID  and update your current location when number has been registered. Then Save Settings.
  2. iMessage: Go to Settings -> Message -> Send & Receive -> Apple ID and update your current location. Tap Save.
  3. Finally reset your iPhone.

Fix 5: Contact Apple support

If your issue not solved yet, contact Apple support.

7 Ways To Fix iPhone 5s Blue Screen with lines

Lot of iPhone users faced unpleasant blue screen with lines issue. This issue mostly happened after screen replacement, during restore, water damage or dropped.

Don’t worry you can fix this blue screen of death problem in your iPhone 4s, iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Fix 1: Delete App

This issue might happened because of the faulty app. This problem may happened after you installed certain app. So deleted recently installed apps.

  1. To delete app, select app from iPhone Home screen. Press and hold your finger on it.
  2. You can see the cross (X) on every app.  Simply tab the cross and app will be deleted.

Fix 2: Update iOS apps 

Go to App store on your iPhone and update apps. This issue might happened because of the app bug. So Updating 3rd party app will help you to fix your issue.

Fix 3: Update your Device OS 

Install latest iOS update on your iPhone through Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Tap Download and Install.

Fix 4;  Deactivate iCloud Sync

many users reported this blue screen problem happened after they start using Numbers, Keynotes or Pages.

Press the Home button when Blue screen appears. After your phone reboots, go to Settings -> iCloud -> Documents & Data and set pages, Numbers Keynotes to off.

Fix 5: Reset Network Settings 

Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset network Settings.

Fix 6: Remove 32 bit apps

Your iPhone running under 64 bit processor. Some times this issue might happened because of the 32 bit app. So only install 64 bit apps.

Fix 7 : Contact Apple  support

Check your device warranty status. Extend your warranty coverage. Contact Apple support.

Suggest your solutions.